Award winning photographers!

Last year we were delighted to hear the news that we had won an Honors of Excellene Silver Award from WPPI!

Here is a little about WPPI:

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) was founded in 1978 to serve the needs of wedding photographers, then known as the “weekend warriors” – an often neglected segment of the industry. Since our first convention and trade show in 1980, we have grown into one of the largest events in the trade. WPPI 2016 drew over 12,000 attendees and 250 exhibitors from around the world to embrace photographers from all genres, including portraiture, fine art, photojournalism, commercial, video, and advertising.


So this is how we created the image! This image was created in Monterey CA, on June 6th 2016. We arrived at this location with Matthew and Maria because that is where they got engaged! I remembered looking at thew way these rocks looked, visualized the shot and begin to work at it. Luis (our assistant) is a couple feet from the couple adding a little more light while my wife and second photographer Celia helped with the pose. As soon as I saw the image in the back of the camera I knew we had something special, I touched up the image darkening the skies a bit and doing a little bit of split toning of the colors and there you have it! We scored and 82!! 

We cant wait to get to work in 2017 to give our clients the best we can and hopefully win a couple more awards along the way!